About Us

Our story began in 1992 while attending Angelo State University when we saw a need for moving services with better quality at a much lower price. Large moving companies had something of a monopoly in the industry, rates based on weight meant high prices were the norm, even for local short-distance moves. Our goal was and still is to give people a better option; great personalized service at a fair, reasonable price. We were pioneers in the very idea of “Affordable Move”. So our name choice was simple, our name is what we do.

The days of the limited choices between an expensive mover or finding a friend with a pickup was over. Because we have kept hometown service at the heart of who we are, we separate ourselves from all others by giving extra to our customers. This means we gladly do services for our customers that others ignore. From giving you money-saving tips to finding you the right storage facility for your needs. There really is no limit to what we help you with on your move. We can even offer you advice on how to arrange furniture based on your room shape and size.

Twenty-five years ago we chose Elephants as our logo because they are symbols of compassion, loyalty, and commitment. Come this and the fact that elephants are used in many parts of the world to move heavy items from one location to another, it makes the perfect symbol for what we strive to be for our customers. Thank you for considering us for your move!

– Paul and Denise Wilferth, Inventors and Owners of Affordable Movers since 1992.

Servicing The Great State Of Texas Since 1992